Dedicated Micro Team

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What it is?

Dedicated Micro Team

A micro team is a small group of individuals who are painstakingly efficient elite, always delivering their end of the bargain on time, and with excellent quality.

Product Manager

A person who plans the entire roadmap of the product, thinks about everything that can go wrong in the project and makes sure it doesn’t, so your project is delivered on time and within budget.

Backend Developers

They are responsible for everything that is under the hood of the application, and they are your chief problem-solvers


They help you transform your product vision into user-friendly designs and create user journeys optimized for the best user experience and highest conversion rates.

Frontend Developers

They create a part of your application that the users see and directly interact with. They make sure the experience is equally smooth and user-friendly to every person who uses the app or website.

Testing Engineers

They make sure that your application is bug-free, has adequate support across all devices/browsers, and meets all the requirements.


Perks of working with us

We add value to our client’s journey

Scalable Teams

Add or limit team members whenever you need them

Unwaivered Ownership

Our developers are completely aligned with your product growth

Productivity Experts

Our developers let their work do the talking with their high productivity

No Strings Attached

Easily adjust teams for the project according to your needs on a monthly basis.