The word is out in the market, Shiryam Technologies promises to give their clients the first MVP in just 10 weeks’ time.

While some companies take 10–12 months in product development, what is it that some can give you the MVP in just 10–12 weeks and that too at a lesser price?

‘Low-Code, No-Code development platforms’ is the answer.
As easy as their names are, the developing experience they provide is also easy.

Let’s take a brief tour of Low-Code, No-Code and see what’s easing up and speeding up the product development process.

Low-Code and No-Code Development Platforms:

Low code, No code platforms are a new way to build and deploy applications, without the need for any coding. Using these platforms, apps can be built without having to write any code.

These platforms are especially designed to be easy to use. They provide a drag-and-drop interface that creates an app by mere dragging and dropping pre-built blocks of functionality together.

The low-code, no-code platform is a great way to quickly create a tech product if the product specifications and requirements are well present.

Choosing Low-code/No-code over custom development can remove the complexity of traditional programming by empowering non-professional developers to create their programs with little or no programming skills.

A friend once asked, What actually is Low code and No code?
To which I replied: You need not to dig much deeper since your answer is in their names.

  • Low Code Platforms- Less/Low coding required
  • No Code Platforms- No coding required

1. Low Code Platforms:

Low-code comes with various individual models which can be integrated to make a new product, based on your needs. Users have access to pre-build modules and developers need not make products from scratch.
Low code platforms never come in the form of complete software but as a library or SDKs.

2. No Code Platforms:

  • No code is as simple as playing Tetris. Just drag and drop your required creative fields, stack up your features and you are good to go. Users can make changes in the existing module without any coding.
  • No tech or development expertise is required to use No Code Platforms.
    Nothing can be better than saving time while product development:
  • Reduces product-to-market time:
    – Coding takes months and months, and testing the code and re-coding it consumes the rest time.
    Low code, No code bypasses all this time-consuming labour and helps you to come up with an outcome within a few weeks, pacing up the process to almost 60%- 80% through automation.

Time is Money.

  • We Save your Time, You Save your Money:
    These simplified and advanced platforms do not require a professional IT team to curate software and products; it reduces the development cost to a bare minimum.

Let’s assume you choose to custom-develop your product. The tech company will have to use advanced applications and talented developers. Since the product will have to be made from scratch, it is obvious that this will take more development time, at times more than a year. Simple math, the longer the time, the higher the cost.


Low code No code, math becomes even simple. No expert development, quick product creation, MVP is ready in months. Hence, less development cost.
The MVP reaches the client early, which means that client can now start working with their product much earlier than the custom option.

If all this still seems unrealistic to you, check this out,

At Shiryam Technologies, we guarantee our clients to deliver a primary tested MVP prototype in just 10 weeks.

Isn’t it astonishing?

Well, try us and then trust us.
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