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About the client

Nirava is an Indian fintech startup that helps traders to implement their trading strategies offering a highly customized user interface and options. It’s built on top of Zerodha and successfully executes strategies used by quant traders to generate returns for their LPs. Frustrated with the limitations of existing tools in the industry, the client wanted to build their own algo trading platform solving the latency and customization challenges.


➤  Create a Highly Customised Platform that allow the users to define and execute their trade strategies in the market

➤  Since its a high-frequency trading platform, the operations were expected to be executed 80% faster– in the magnitude of 10-50 milliseconds,  to maximise the profits and order allocation

Like always, Shiryam’s approach and execution defines Shiryam’s uniqueness.


➤   Understanding the product vision and requirements, we aligned a dedicated micro team to help them build their product.

➤  The performance is at the heart of the algo trading platforms to perform high frequency trading and expected the platform to be super optimized.

➤  Since it’s a trading product, a high focus was put on data security, authentication and latency.


➤   Since this was a very complex product which required integration with multiple trading platforms, micro services architecture was implemented to solve for latency and frequency.

➤  The first cut was rolled out within 3 months, executing calculations and strategies in fractions of a second.

➤  Focused on the performance and building additional features, Shiryam became the dedicated tech partner for Nirvana helping them improve their platform everyday making it faster and scalable.

Successful Product Dev

Developed the alpha version of the product in just 5 months keeping in mind the project complexities

Optimised Product

The system was optimized to operate at a fast speed of 50 milliseconds, which was later improved to a lightning-fast 20 ms.

Secured System

Since actual money was involved, system security remained a priority to avoid any interference with the running strategies

Shiryam’s projects have the potential to lead national and international markets.

This is one such which made it to the international market effortlessly.


We’ve been working with Nirvana since March’21 and have been their dedicated tech partner. We’re working closely with the team to build innovative solutions daily.


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