2022 (Founded)


Tech partner since 2022


  Our client had a product idea which was to be leveraged in house with the already existing tech team.

  Develop a tech hiring product to meet current industry standards.


➤  Shiryam’s experts did a lot of design thinking, research and interviews to know the need of the hour.

After thorough understanding of the client’s needs, a team of 5 was allocated including 1 Engineering Manager, 2 Frontend Developers and 2 Backend Developers.

➤  We finalised 1st MVP after thorough research meeting client and industry requirements.

➤  Our team ensured that MVP must be rolled out within 10 weeks.


Released the first MVP in just 9 weeks.

With the right design and simple approach, companies and candidates accepted the platform quickly.

➤  Currently PitcrewHR has 50+ startups doing potential recruitments from a pool of 2000+ candidates on board.

➤  The quickest hiring was completed in just 18 hours.


➤  Because of our robust team, we could ideate the product and create the MVP quickly while also getting it to the market.

➤  Client has already started making revenue with 50+ sartups and 2000+ expert engineers on board making efficient hirings on a regular basis.

➤  Currently we have an autonomous dashboard for the sourcing team.

While Shiryam manages the tech aspects and admin side of the portal, founders are able to focus on the business aspect rather than tech.


Since 2022, we have been working with PitcrewHR, helping them build the best of industry tech hiring platform and acting as their invisible tech backbone.


Global Neo Bank

Simplifying international transactions while being security compliant

Backed by – Y Combinator W’22 

Community SAAS Product

Helping to build communities and enhance engagement

Backed by Razorpay, Kunal Shah[CRED], & other marquee investors

Let your funds multiply

Automise the way you trade, multiply your investments

Bootstrapped & Founded by “Amarkant Kumar”

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