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Your last minute tech hiring arena.


PitcrewHR is a last moment tech hiring platform. It helps to ease the complete recruitment process while satisfying the needs of both companies and candidates.


  • PitcrewHR was looking for a team of experts who can do the designing as well as execution of their product from the background.
  • The most important requirement of PitcrewHR was to build their MVP quickly.
  • Founders wanted their tech hiring platform to have a company side and an admin side, where the admin side can be viewed and edited by PitcrewHR whereas the onboarded companies can view and edit company relevant data.


  • Considering the fact of demand-supply in hiring, we went ahead to create a company portal initially.
  • Simple tech, easy yet efficient registration portal was created.
  • We depicted the complete candidate hiring journey on the company portal to show the difference that PitcrewHR was making with their platform.


  • Released the first MVP in just 10 weeks.
  • With the right design and simple approach, companies and candidates accepted the platform quickly.
  • Currently PitcrewHR has around 50 companies and 500+ candidates on board making efficient hirings.


  • While Shiryam manages the tech aspects and admin side of the portal, founders are able to focus on the business aspect rather than tech.
  • Currently, helping around 50 startups in tech hiring with an average turnaround time of just 7 days.


  • We have been working on PitcrewHR for more than 6 months now, helping to build a better version while acting as their invisible tech backbone.

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