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On a mission to make international banking easy for businesses.


Salt.Pe is a neo bank providing an end to end cross border payment solution for businesses in India


  • Salt was looking for a team who could help them realise their designs and start developing the product from day zero since the finance dashboard was designed by the client’s internal design team.
  • Expert Developers who could own the development process, to give client the bandwidth to focus more on business growth.


Shiryam’s approach is always practical. We understand the product properly before taking any actions.

  • After understanding the complete dashboard and client’s requirements, we formed a 5-member Micro Team, 1 Engineering Manager, 2 Backend Developers and 2 Frontend Developers to start developing the dashboard.
  • Data security and authentication were closely monitored to facilitate authorized access to the system strictly since it was a banking product.


Shiryam sailed the boat effectively against the odds. The productive results led the client to trust us even more.

  • Saved 50%+ of Dev Time:

Experts at Shiryam realized the designs in just 4 weeks which were estimated to take ten long weeks by the client

  • Worked efficiently even against the odds

We didn’t defer our timelines even during The Great Resignation period when the whole team got reshuffled, but maintained the quality of our deliverables.

What can be better than getting incubated by YC in such a short period of time?


  • The client successfully raised their 500K pre-seed round in the next couple of months and eventually got incubated by YC, world’s best accelerator program, based on the idea and the product quality.
  • Since the tech development was outsourced, the client could focus majorly on business requirements and growth and didn’t have to worry about managing the tech resources availability.


15 months and counting, we have been working with Salt.Pe, helping them build better products and acting as their Invisible Tech Backbone.

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    Salt.Pe is a neo bank providing an end to end cross border payment solution for businesses in India


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