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About the client

Troopod is an Indian community tech platform that solves the challenges of brands to build and manage interest driven communities for high yield marketing. It solves the limitations in the linear conversational platforms like WhatsApp & Discord and enables brands to drive engagement with interest driven threads. Founded in 2021 by Neeraj Joshi & Aditya Arya, Troopod helps businesses generate sales using the community driven platform.

Frustrated with their existing tech vendor,, the founders were looking for an experienced, dynamic tech partner who could help them realize their product designs and own the development process, leaving them the bandwidth to focus on business growth.


➤  Troopod was looking for a team who could address the issues faced with their existing tech partner- Non-Adherence of Timelines, Poor Quality of Work and Not Having Dedicated Resources on the project.

➤  The client had a tight deadline, with the goal of launching their alpha release within the next two weeks, while also incorporating new features.

And that’s when we got connected with the founders to understand the project complexities and product roadmap.


At Shiryam, our defining characteristic is our ability to effectively address even the most challenging problems.

➤  Understanding the product vision and requirements, we aligned a dedicated micro team to help them build their product

➤  To The performance is at the heart of everything Troopod does, expecting similar results in the product.

➤  Since it’s a communication product, a high focus was put on real-time messaging and user experience for the users.


Tasks awaiting for months were proactively accomplished by the experts in just weeks

Feature Team

Launched the release ahead of the promised timeline.

Architecture Team

Efficiently scaled the architecture to support 100K DAU within the next four weeks and up to 1 Mn DAU within 12 weeks of the partnership’s inception

"A happy and satisfied client never sits idol."

Hence, we have a new requirement from the client to cater after 12 weeks while we continued building the future product updates.

To offer an SDK to Troopod’s client, which could be embedded in their application on a SAAS model.


➤  Our micro team developed the first prototype within eight weeks, saving them half of their cost and time.

➤  Focused on creating an exceptional product development experience, Shiryam became the dedicated tech partner for everything tech in the early phases of the product.


Developed Custom SDK

Supports 100K DAU with no major tech blocker

Started Offering SDK

Offered to 30+ companies from multiple backgrounds, viz. Education, Food, Health, Logistics, Supply Chain, etc.

Spontaneous Development

In just 10 weeks time we developed a highly robust and scalable SDK


We’ve been working with Troopod since December’21 and have been their dedicated tech partner. After successful fundraising, we’re working closely with the founders to build innovative solutions daily.


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